BizEd, February 1, 2017

BizEd is a publication of The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and has a circulation of 15,000.  Below is the link and text of the review.


“The next great competency that businesses will need to pursue and fully integrate to gain a sustainable and consistent competitive advantage will be sustainability itself,” write Suhas Apte of the Blue Earth Network consulting firm and Jagdish Sheth of Emory. In their view, this means maximizing benefits for all stakeholders, including consumers, customers, employees, suppliers, investors, communities, NGOs, governments, and the media. A company must engage with each stakeholder group in a slightly different way—for instance, it must motivate consumers to care about sustainability and believe that its own products are sustainable. This means understanding exactly how “green” specific customer groups are and how to appeal to them. “Consumers in the developing world tend to feel more emotionally and intellectually connected to the planet’s ability to cope with the resource needs of humanity,” they write. U.S. consumers are less swayed by environmental concerns, but millennials across the planet care about sustainability. Businesses can use this information to adapt their messages to consumer groups, create competitive advantage—and protect the world. (University of Toronto Press, US$32.95)


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